Is it safe to drive with the ESC light on?

Is it safe to drive with the ESC light on? Is it possible to safely drive with the ESC Light On? Should I fix the Warning Light ESC? How can we fix the Warning Light of ESC? What does the Warning Light of the ESC indicate? Are both ESC and traction control the same?

Is it possible to safely drive with the ESC Light On?

If you are a good and safe driver consistently under the condition of the road and weather, then you can continue driving with an ESC warning light, and it is safe. The ESC has no capacity to improve the characteristics of handling your vehicle. It is just a safety precaution if something goes wrong, and it has a very limited capacity for correction of loss of vehicle control. The basic role of ESC is to correct only minor driving inconsistencies in which it could have the capability for the development of something more serious.

Should I fix the Warning Light ESC?

Yes, it is possible if you are a safe driver. There is the possibility that a situation of unexpected in always exists that may catch you out in its. The fully operational Electronic Stability Control system can differentiate between the correction of a minor vehicle and or an accident.

How can we fix the Warning Light of ESC?

The system of ESC is a combination of multiple systems for driver assistance which can trigger any warning light of the ESC. There are some systems and sensors which can cause the ESC warning light to go on.

Anti-lock system of braking: The wheel speed sensor which is present one on each wheel, has malfunctioned, this is a common mistake.

The sensor of the Yaw rate: This sensor has the ability to monitor the vehicle angle around its vertical axis.

The angle of the Steering wheel sensor: This sensor is responsible for monitoring the angle of the steering wheel.

The module of ESC: This is the part where different sensors communicate with

-The ESC light  can turn on when various sizes of tires are fitted on the front as compared to the rear

Battery change: After a short time of driving, the system must be reset

Battery low:  In case of low charge of the battery, then it can not allow electrical systems to function properly. In order to solve this issue is to charge the battery, or car taking on a long run to sort out the problem.

To fix the warning light of the ESC the easy way is to diagnostics.

For this purpose, it requires the scanner of a diagnostic that is connected to the OBD-II port. Then this device will scan codes of fault that will identify the fault.

Certainly,  you can continue to drive if the light of the ESC comes on. Although, you should be aware that the light of the ESC can be a sign that you are driving on a slippery road, in such a situation you should reduce the speed to improve your control. It is still normally safe to drive when the ESC light is on, but the driver must take some safety precautions like reducing the speed on the road. If the user is not able to fix this fault, then it is best to take the car to the competent workshop for an expert diagnosis.

Because their mechanics may be easy to analyze these fault codes and identify better the course of action. The faulty ESP sensors are dangerous so we cannot drive with them, particularly during rain or if you are on the road where the level of traction is less as compared to the ideal level. The ESCS(Electronic stability control system) consists of a series of sensors, that is responsible to compare the information the driver gives about the vehicle moving. But the ads are also how we open the doors of the garage and here keep the lights on at Autoblog, and our stories keep free for you and everyone else.

Although it allows better cornering control, It does not enhance the amount of traction that is present already in the vehicle at least where transmission and tires allow. Using a spare wheel with various diameters, the ESC can be activated in such cases than the rest of the tires of a car. When you are driving in a situation and the light keeps turning on, for easier control, then reduce the speed of the car. You should need help from an automotive professional if you have any doubt about its operation and safety of your vehicle.

All manufacturers of cars majorly offer some type of ESC, these systems are present in cars, trucks, SUVs, and also in motorhomes. To find out why your stability control light is on, this is the fastest method. For reading codes,  utilize a diagnostic scanner that is present in modules of the stability and ABS. Still, if your car is under warranty, then you should take your car to the dealer so that he properly diagnoses the ESC problem of the ESC. This is the most dramatic reduction in the reduction of single-vehicle rollover fatalities. There are more survival chances  for about 75 percent of those drivers who are with ESC as compared to others who are without ESC.

It is very important to understand how the control system works, because there may be several meanings of ESC light on the dashboard. The icon illuminates, if the system is activated, due to this you are able to know that the vehicle has reached limits of its handling. The owners of Toyota will find that whenever the Check Engine and VSC lights come on, there may be a problem with an O2 sensor or cap of fuel.

While driving, if the light comes on and the button is not selected, this shows that the electrical stability control system has an error .

The important function of Electronic Stability Control is to monitor the speed at which the wheels are rotating and along with other parameters like steering angle. If you lose the steering control or traction, then the Electronic Stability Control reduces the power of the engine or it will engage the brakes and help you to regain control of the vehicle.

The work of the ESC system is not the same on all vehicles. The important thing is that you refer to your manufacturer’s manual to understand how yours works. If the car loses traction, normally the ESC light illuminates and it remains illuminated even if its malfunction has been detected or a manual system shut off.

What does the Warning Light of the ESC indicate?

Why your ESC light is on to know this is very simple just to take it for diagnosis towards a certified technician. The technician decodes trouble codes from the module of the brake control by using a scanner. Then after some time, you are able to know what is ailing your car. Although before your reach there, here are a few gestures on what can be wrong:

Wheel Sensors Faulty 

Every wheel of a car has sensors that take the loss of traction to the system of  Electronic Stability Control. If these sensors are full of dirt, then they cannot detect what is happening, which causes the ABS and  ESC systems to malfunction.

Wiring Issues

These are those wires that provide communication about traction from the wheel sensors to the onboard computers. In case of broken wires, not properly connected or the fuse is blown ESC, then the warning light will not be able to illuminate.

A Steering Angle Sensor malfunction

The warning light of ESC can be constantly on if there is a  misaligned or damaged in the steering angle sensor

How much is the cost of electronic stability control?

The report presented by NHTSA, the vehicles with ABS which already have the average installation cost of an ESC system of about $111.

Considering the important system of electronic stability control, this amount is very cheap.

Are both ESC and traction control the same?

Both these are two different safety systems that are utilized in cars for drivers to control the wheels in certain conditions. To help the tires hug the roads the traction control system is used under intense acceleration but in the case of electronic stability that is responsible to prevent loss of control through understeer or oversteer.

What do you think about whether ESC should be on or off?

It should be on normally. But there are times when I turn it off, particularly driving in deep snow or skidding.  Do not turn off the ESC system unless you are a skilled driver who knows what he or she is doing. If you think to turn off the ESC for some reason, you can do it by pressing and holding the  button of the ESC for 5-10 seconds


Although modern technologies have improved the features of driving experiences and reduced the rates of accidents. It can be frustrating and unnerving if things go toward the south. In such cases do not turn off the system of ESC even if you have to face the challenges. They can be life savers and you need them.

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