2012 chevy cruze service stabilitrak and traction control

2012 chevy cruze service stabilitrak and traction control, Chevy Cruze: Service StabiliTrak, and their Symptoms and Diagnosis, Chevy Cruze: Causes of Service StabiliTrak, StabiliTrak Resetting, How can we Fix Chevy Service StabiliTrak and Service Traction Control? Can we drive with Stabilitrak Light on?

Chevy Cruze: Service StabiliTrak, and their Symptoms and Diagnosis

The common issue with the Chevy Cruze and other newer GM vehicles is the warning of “Service StabiliTrak”. The most important modern and safety feature of a GM vehicle is the StabiliTrak. StabiliTrak is designed in such a way as to help to prevent accidents by giving you better control of your Cruze. Your Cruze will no longer be helped if you have a service StabiliTrak warning when a loss will be detected in lateral traction.

StabiliTrak is a system of GM-specific vehicle stability. To detect whether or not the vehicle is responding properly to your input in situations of emergency, for this purpose StabiliTrak works by using a system of complex sensors. It utilizes this data to apply a specific brake or lessen the power of the engine so as to correct the slide and get back the Cruze in the right direction. For example, when you are on an icy road, your Cruze wasn’t steering if you needed it. StabiliTrak may point in the right direction by applying one of the rest of the rear brakes.

Symptoms of Service StabiliTrak: Chevy Cruze

During normal driving, the loss of StabiliTrak is not really noticed. It is only utilized in an emergency situation.

-Warning of Service StabiliTrak-something is wrong, the number one indication is your Cruze’s “Service StabiliTrak” itself warning light.
-Cruise Control–Without the properly functioning system of the StabiliTrak, your Cruze can disable the cruise control.
-Not Working of Traction Control- The system of your Cruze’straction control often utilizes the same sensors to detect if a wheel has broken traction.

Unlike StabiliTrak, which is responsible for controlling sliding (lateral issues). The traction control stops the unnecessary spinning of the wheels. To avoid lateral acceleration this helps completely.

However, It can be tempting to ignore the warning of the service StabiliTrak. If it is not having, when you need it, then it can be dangerous.

Chevy Cruze: Causes of Service StabiliTrak

There are several things due to which the StabiliTrak system loses its capability to function. It is a very complex system..
-Wheel Speed Sensor– When one of the wheel speed sensors is out.Then your Cruze is not capable to tell that all the wheels are turning at the same speed. Without this data it will turn on the warning service StabiliTrak.

-Brake Pedal Switch–The brake pedal switch works more than the control and it tells whether or not your brake lights are turned on or not. The ECU utilizes this switch to run systems such as StabiliTrak and cruise control. These systems can be disabled if the switch is not properly functioning

-Wrong Size of Tire- If the size of the tire is not according to the GM so StabiliTrak cannot properly work. There are several other problems that cause the StabiliTrak system not to work. If you have any trouble with the code, then it is best to test and see. They can give you clues that will help you to solve it.

StabiliTrak Resetting

Gm suggests that you have to power down the vehicle for about 15 seconds to give the StabiliTrak time to reboot. It is great when it works after firing your Cruze back up. If not, then it can be time to service it.

How can we Fix Chevy Service StabiliTrak and Service Traction Control?

This is a common problem with the StabiliTrak and traction control service lights appearing on the dash in the early to mid-2000 Chevy trucks and Suburbans. For owners of most trucks if the truck is idling the warning lights occur frequently and disappear and then reappear during driving. Normally the “Service Stabilitrak” light will first appear, and after this car will turn off the traction control. The traction control is once turned off then the transmission shifting begins to be hard and rough.

Mostly the warning light appears in cold temperatures. Engine power loss or limp mode are symptoms in addition to hard shifting. Although these engines are not isolated, the most common problem is that in 2007-2013 trucks with the 5.3 Vortec and AFM. There are a few reasons why the Stabilitrak and Traction Control lights are common in just about any GM vehicle with the Stabilitrak system.

Can we drive with Stabilitrak Light on?

with both the StabiliTrak and traction control lights on you are able to drive a Chevy truck.

Although you can observe the lack of power and about 90% of the time the problem is accompanied by hard shifts. The hard shifts are not good for the process of transmission even if it is still drivable. Normally hard shifting occurs due to low transmission fluid, this means that the components of metals are rubbing on inside the transmission each other with many frictions. However, in the situation of service StabiliTrak, it has normally nothing to do with low levels of fluid. The internal components of the transmission are rubbing hard against each other which feels a hard shift. It is still unknown, with StabiliTrak issues, why the transmission hard shifts. Driving during hard shifting may lead to serious wear and tear on your transmission, therefore, we do not recommend it. There won’t be too much damage If your symptoms are just misfires and rough idling that can be done by driving on it.

Summary of GM Service Stabilitrak

The system of GM Service Stabilitrak is a traction control-related technology that is designed to help cars “stabilize”, and if traction is lost it keeps going in a straight line. It’s controlled through sensors of wheel speed, the sensor of steering wheel position, and the EBCM. When the car determines the change in speeds of the wheel and the steering wheel is at a certain angle, It utilizes the EBCM for this purpose to try to control the car and help stabilize it to apply brake pressure to wheels on an individual basis.
On the dashboard, the Service Stabilitrak and Service Traction Control lights often appear in all GM vehicles with this system. It is due to the safety feature built into it that causes it to disable when RPMs (Revolutions per minute) fluctuate.

First of all, there are issues with the StabiliTrak itself. In this condition, you will have a check engine light and for the steering or wheel sensors or the EBCM relay, a fault code will be for this. The second one is ignition or fueling-related problems that lead to cause RPMs to jump around, it may disable the systems when they kick in the safety feature.

In this example, issues are caused by spark plugs, coils, fuel pumps, fuel filters, and the throttle body.

In the condition where there are no check engine lights or fault codes, then you will need to take a look at your problems and what can be caused by these. Some random sensors can cause the issue and some random tricks can fix it like disabling AFM and or running a tank of E85 fuel. Although, there are many issues that can cause a Stabilitrak light on the dash. To find out what is the actual problem that is causing it will require a bit of digging.

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