What causes the stabilitrak light to come on

What causes the stabilitrak light to come on

What causes the stabilitrak light to come on, Input sensor, Faulty controller, Bad connection, Defective fuel pump, Active fuel management (AFM)

Warning light whenever it comes on the dashboard, it means that there is a problem in our system. Our system is receiving a bad signal or has been shut down. When the traction service light is on, there is a probability that StabiliTrak has some problems. There are some reasons this happens. However, the StabiliTrak system requires. a car’s steering wheel, traction system, and brake system. There are so many issues that belong to the working of that service StabiliTrak light, cause it to come on. These reasons include input sensors, faulty controllers, bad connections, defective fuel pumps, and active fuel management.

What causes the stabilitrak light to come on

(a) Input sensor

The appearance of warning alerts on the dashboard is the most common cause of service StabiliTrak. There is a possibility that these malfunctioning signals are related to wheel speed, steering angle, and rate of turn. Solving these problems is to replace the overworked sensor with your model at your local service resource.

(b) Faulty controller

In this condition, a defective powertrain control module ( PCM) might be the culprit. The electric sensors meet with the (PCM) at every wheel regarding stability and steering when the StabiliTrak is activated. This is specifically critical in worst weather situations.

(c) Bad connection

Destruction to the GM-LAN communication line can sometimes harm the stabilitrak connection. In this case we use the GM-LAN communication cables that are wiring harness shielded by a plastic jacket which expands to the transference system. For the protection of the wiring and critical gearbox parts , the heat shield is set up on the gearbox. When the plastic coverage  is bare to high temperatures over a long time, it can become damaged and disconnected. In conclusion , the GM-LAN communication channel is unsafe. One part of the GM-LAN can be pushed

in opposition to the heat shield and relatively liquefies the plastic jacket. The GM-LAN can disrupt communication between the body control computer, together with the stabiliTrak  system in case of grounding.

(d) Defective fuel pump

The fuel pump is the main part that is responsible for providing the engine with the fuel needed for it to run. In case of any issue with the fuel pump, it can create performance complications.

(e) Active fuel management (AFM)

This  is the system of GM’s engineers which was developed in 2005 to increase fuel mileage. The main function of this system is that the cylinders work at a low power level to minimize fuel utilization during low loads. A few customers experience the shuddering AFM vehicles among the running on half or all the cylinders. With the passage of time, some troublesome GM valve lifters responsible for activating and deactivating continuously for repairs can cause costly

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