What does it mean when your check engine light and traction control light on

What does it mean when your check engine light and traction control light are on, What do you think about the traction control light? The reason behind causing the traction control light to come on, How can we fix a faulty traction control light, Why is it very important not to ignore lights?

What do you think about traction control lights?

A computer is present in your car that monitors and runs all components of the vehicle and which is responsible for checking and ensuring that all parts are properly working. If a problem exists then the computer informs via a signal of lights on the dashboard. If the check engine light turns on, then your mechanic will be able to read the code that is generated from a computer to show which part needs paying attention. The other light on the dashboard is the TCL ( Traction Control Light). It looks different and depends on the vehicle model, it is named TC, and it looks like a car with lines bending away from your vehicle’s tires. There are many situations that will lead to causing TCL to turn on and each signal shows various issues.


The illumination of TCL commonly means that your system is properly working, it totally depends on the situation that you’re in. The Traction Control Light takes the responsibility to detect the loss of tires in contact with the road during icy, rainy, and windy conditions. The Traction Control System turns on when the tires slip and it shifts the power to the tires that’s slipping to the tires and it completely grips the road. This is a safe and sound way the transferring of power allows one to drive safely continuously in the right direction. This simply means that the absence of a traction control system causes a risk of hydroplaning or skidding off the road.

What does it mean when your check engine light and traction control light on

The reason behind causing the Traction Control Light to come on

When driving in bad weather conditions and the TCL turns on, then it means that the system is properly working to keep in contact with the wheels with the road. When you are driving on slippery roads then it can turn on or off and shortly begin to flicker, this shows that the system is working under such conditions. If you are driving in good weather conditions, if TCL turns on in such conditions, then this indicates there is an issue in the system. If the light continuously turns on and off, then it means that the system is hard-coded and is starting to deteriorate. This issue may be due to faulty wheel speed sensors that inform your car computer of the loss of traction, or there is an issue with the traction control systems computer. The blinking of TCL is not a good sign, it indicates that the system is working completely, so it is very important you should take more attention and care in bad weather if you see this.

When the TCL turns on and stays on without continuously turning on or off ( Blinking), then it indicates that the system has been deactivated. If this happens then your car’s computer will not be able to feel when wheels lose traction. When the traction control system is deactivated, it is safe to drive normally. If you have to face slippery roads, it is important to have your system reactivated.

How can we fix a faulty Traction Control Light?

Whenever Traction Control Light comes on in case of good weather conditions, then there is no need to worry. You just need to find a safe place to pull over and again start the vehicle. You should need to restart the car if any anomaly triggers the light and should turn it off. If a light continuously comes on after you have restarted the vehicle, then you should need to take the vehicle to a trusted mechanic, who has the capability to read the vehicle’s computer and solve it. If TCL is present with an anti-lock braking system light and the red brake-warning light, then the whole braking system has been affected and it is no longer safe to drive. You need to take the vehicle to a repair shop instead of driving it there yourself.

Why is it very important not to ignore Lights?

The lights present on the dashboard in your car are not just worrying for you. The computer that is present in your car is responsible for managing all the systems and whole parts of the vehicle, and it continuously monitors the problems that can cause damage. The dashboard lights show these problems then we can understand. This problem may be the oil change light or simply maintenance reminders and some other problems such as the check engine light are warning signs which need to be inspected as soon as possible. When you take your vehicle to an auto repair shop, the technician will scan the computer and he will then read the code of trouble and tell us which part of the computer triggered the code and if it is required to pay attention to it. So that they will easily indicate the problem and solve the issue via repair or replacement of which part is damaged.

Once your car one of the lights on dashboard lights illuminates then you get into your car as soon as. In such a case you will save your money and time but they still are small. If you drive continuously with the problem of activated warning lights, it has a risk factor that can cause massive repairs and breakdown of the engine. Furthermore, it is unsafe to drive and can cause engine or brake issues. It can cause accidents.

Common causes of Check Engine Light flashing and Traction Control light coming on

There are two common error lights TCS light and Check Engine light that may come on in any car. Often this problem can confuse the drivers on how to identify the problem and sometimes they don’t know. Here we discuss some common causes of lights coming on.

The TCS Light

The term means Traction Control System. This light often comes on if there is a problem with the traction control system. This system provides safety against the car sliding on slippery and icy roads. When such kind of light comes on, then simply it means that there is a problem in the system and the system is not working properly and the car has not had enough traction as it needs to work.

Common control module

Several owners of Camry pointed out that both lights of TCS and CE lights went off when there was a problem with one system. The reality is that these two are ride-or-die besties friends cute and all. But in such cases, it makes troubleshooting a little more difficult.

It is not required to tell that if there is a problem with the module circuit itself, then in a such case, the lights of both TCS and CE lights will pop on. These types of modules wear out with the passage of time such as any piece of electrical equipment and are unsafe to corrosion through dirt and moisture.

A faulty or dirty gas cap

It is a very easy source. But is a very surprising thing that in the Toyota Camry how often the loose or dirty gas cap is caused by the lights of TCS and CE illuminating. The good thing is that you cannot only check it out at home but also a new gas cap is normally very inexpensive.

You must ensure that the gas cap is not only in good shape and completely attached, and also clean as well as. There are many reports that the owners of the Camry resolving their illuminated traction control and light of the Check Engine and checking issues with just some gas cap TLC. This is a very simple fix. So that you make it one of the first things you investigate.

Not properly Air filter cover is on

Another one is that is exasperating (and yet a relief) due to its all simplicity. The owners of the Toyota Camry informed us that if the filter of the air cover is not on just around just right, then in such case the sensors around the area get dirty or clogged, which has the ability to trigger an error code, due to this the TCS and CE light turns on. Often this was reported at that time when the vehicle had been taken in for an oil change and not perfectly the filter cover wasn’t rightly put on. If you want to investigate this at home then you need to check your owner’s manual to find out the location of your air filter.

Faulty steering angle sensor

This is another sensitive sensor. The steering angle sensor is present in the steering column, and it ensures that the wheels of the vehicle match the direction that the steering wheel goes. In most cases, the owners of the Camry informed that it was the source of their lit Check Engine and traction control lights.

Problems with the Anti-lock braking system (ABS)

The anti-lock brake system of your Camry is closely tied to the system of traction control. If there is a problem such as low brake fluid or a faulty pedal sensor, then this can cause both the traction control and Check Engine lights or either traction control or Check Engine lights to come on. It can be quite serious unlike a loose gas cap or a fussy air filter, and one reason is that you should not ignore those lit warning lights.

Faulty speed sensors

The system of traction control on wheels depends on input from a series of speed sensors in order to find out whether to activate. Since these types of sensors are present on the wheels, they are pretty vulnerable to wear and tear. From these sensors, if one is not properly functioning, then it can cause illuminated TCS or CE light. Sometimes tire pressure or bad alignment these things can put these sensors off-kilter.

What is meant by Check Engine Light?

This is one of the most common error lights in a car.  Although it can come on for different reasons. But this light is very serious when it comes on and can cause a serious problem that leads to breaking down the car.

How can we identify the problem with these two error lights?

We use the tool to diagnose engine light and traction light problems. That tool is the  OBD2 scanner. This scanner has the ability to show two error codes: such as  PO856 and  PO858. These two codes display the problem with the on/ off switch or wiring. Most commonly these lights come on because of a simple problem that can be easily fixed. But also these lights may come on due to more serious problems. In such a situation it is better to diagnose the car as soon as possible.

The most common reasons that can cause the Check Engine and Traction Control Lights to come on

There are some reasons why these lights come on.  One reason is the loose gas cap. It leads to cause the Check Engine light to come on

if the gas cap is not properly tightened. The second most common reason is a dirty air filter. The engine may run less efficiently due to the cause of a dirty air filter and that can trigger the Check Engine light. In the end, a faulty oxygen sensor may also cause the engine light to come on. This sensor has the capability to measure the amount of oxygen in the exhaust when it is not properly working, and it can cause the light to come on.

What is the total cost for the fixation of the Check Engine light and Traction Control Light?

Actually, this depends upon the nature of the problem. If the problem is a simple kind of loose gas cap then its cost is a new gas cap to fix the problem. If the problem is a serious oxygen sensor then its cost will be $200 to fix.

What is the reason the check engine light flashes and the control light stays on?

This is a very common and simple question that drivers always ask. The traction control light is part of the most advanced sensor technologies, so people mostly ask questions and get information and tell how these warning signals work.

The traction control lights and the engine warning light can appear at the same time. In such a situation, the drivers need to know the meaning of these warning lights. Normally the drivers search for the causes of these lights, then they find out the many reasons why they are being alerted.

This is particularly true for those people who are driving on roads that are extremely wet or icy. Whatever the situation, each driver should know what’s the meaning of these warning lights.

Finding out the meaning of these codes is not much more difficult due to tools just like the OBD2 scanner. The OBD2 scanner is most important because it provides the exact code for that particular problem.

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