Service Stabilitrak and check engine light

Service StabiliTrak and check engine light. The system of Stabilitrack was introduced in Hyundai vehicles which include transmissions with manual or automatic

The system of Stabilitrack was introduced in Hyundai vehicles which include transmissions with manual or automatic transmissions. The responsibility of this system is to monitor the speed of the vehicle. If it determines a discrepancy or problem like hard braking, then it disengages the transmission. We will assist you to fix it in case of if the StabiliTrak light comes on or in case of the message is showing up.

The misfire of the engine disengages the transmission. The disengaging of the gears in such a way assists to reduce heat build-up. After driving conditions change, it may outcome from forcing the gearshift into an engaged gear.

What is the meaning of Service StabiliTrak in Cars and how does it work?

The system of StabiliTrak is an enhancement system of all-speed vehicle stability. During acceleration, it utilizes a computer and wheel sensors to automatically apply individual brakes on one or more wheels. It is just like ESP on vehicles have it, But it has the ability to work faster and more effectively. In emergency maneuvers and on slippery surfaces the StabiliTrak too increases control.

On many GM models, StabiliTrak applies brakes on one or more wheels, if the vehicle slides, including the Chevrolet Spark. From the electronic stability control, it can interpret data so to assist decide and in case to adjust the shock absorbers automatically.

Without compromising ride comfort or handling capability in the conditions of normal driving, the GM engineers say that “semi-active” suspension balances the vehicle. When more wheels lose grip with the road surface during the initial acceleration stages, this technology helps maintain traction. During these critical seconds still have the grip, gets directed to the tires the all available torque (engine power).

What do you mean by when the Service StabiliTrak Light Comes On?

If the StabiliTrak light of the car comes on, you should pull over if it is safe to do so. Here are some things that can trigger this light.

Failing Alternator

If the alternator of your car has failed or is failing, then this is one of the most common reasons the StabiliTrak light comes on. The damage to other components of the battery, this warning indicator can come for days or weeks. Without saying that you should need to check out your alternator as soon as possible.

Repair of Input Sensor

The alerts warning of the  Service StabiliTrak appears on the dashboard if an input sensor is faulty. This can be because of the rate of turn or steering angle and wheel speed. With the help of local technicians, you should need these types of sensors replaced as soon as possible. So that these mistakes do not forward further into worse situations.

System of Faulty Controller

The light of StabiliTrak comes on is another reason that leads to cause faulty system of the controller. By resetting the vehicle’s computer you can easily fix this. For this, you should need to visit your dealership.

Failed Connection

The other reason for this warning indicator is the failed connection. A faulty connection may happen, for example in case of if the negative battery cable got accidentally disconnected and reconnected. Before driving again you should need to give some time to your vehicle’s computer to recognize and adjust the corrections guided by the StabiliTrak system.

What is the meaning of the Service StabiliTrak On GMC Terrain?

On all models, each Terrain comes with StabiliTrak standard.

The responsibility of StabiliTrak is to ensure that how front wheels are steering that the system monitors it. In such a way it can determine if they are deviating over to one side or they are staying in their lane.

Within their intended path (or outside of it) if StabiliTrak senses that the front tires are not traveling. On the individual wheels, it can apply brake pressure. It can help in keeping again you back on track. You have a steady grip on the steering wheel this system makes sure.

If you are driving in case of cautiously and accurately when road conditions aren’t ideal, then the StabiliTrak can increase vehicle control. This system also helps in preventing unnecessary brake applications and it keeps ensuring optimal brake life.

Do you know the Symptoms Of StabiliTrak Problems?

With StabiliTrak, if you experience problems, often you will face a few tell-tale warning signs. Here are some common problems.

Non-Existent of Acceleration or Vague: Means What?

If you press the pedal of the accelerator and nothing occurs, the StabiliTrak system has gone wrong. If your car is stuck in “limp home” mode check to look. which happens at this time when the system detects a problem.

Maybe your vehicle accelerates very slowly as you intended. If the wheels do not start turning when the engine starts, then it means that your StabiliTrak has failed and needs to get serviced.


What is the meaning of Erratic Steering?

The StabiliTrak may malfunction if the wheel starts moving but you are not turning it or accelerator pressing. when you are trying to steer, there can be an issue in the control unit if the wheel moves erratically.

Strange Noises meaning

There could be a problem with StabiliTrak when you hear strange noises mainly rubbing or grating, when the system malfunctions, some of the drivers report at that time. You should take your vehicle to the repair shop for professionals to check out it.

With the Message of StabiliTrak Service What To Do?

The main function of the StabiliTrak system is to help the driver maintain vehicle control. While driving a vehicle let’s suppose that if have not experienced a loss of traction but are looking at this message, now it is time to reset the StabiliTrak system.  Performing a specific test drive you should need to test the system. You will need your vehicle recently serviced, for this test to work.

The message from displaying in the future can be stopped by resetting the system after servicing the vehicle. The resetting includes turning off/on and or cycling the ignition.

During this test drive do not use the cruise control you just need to follow all posted speed limits.  Between 50 and 75 mph (80 to 120 km/h) driving on a straight road, and on a dry it will give chance the StabiliTrak system to work.

To Test Drive Begin

-By pressing the setting button turn off the StabiliTrak system until the “Off” message appears.

-On an open stretch of the straight dry road begin driving safely that it allowing speeds between 50 and 75 mph (80 to 120 km/h).

-Without using the brakes or throttle/gas pedal for about 5 minutes drive at this speed.

-You should need to apply the brakes and then hold them without releasing or pumping them.

-Before strongly applying the brakes the system should allow 3 seconds of braking to continue. After this, from the brake pedal, you will feel a pulsation, and from the StabiliTrak hear noise from an element. It is normal.

-In this way continue to stop, for 5 seconds at a time holding the brakes firmly.

– Doing this for a period of 30 seconds, and after on the gas pedal apply firm pressure and release slowly. While doing this you should not let your foot off of the brake pedal.

-To 50 mph (80 km/h) Accelerate back up and press the button of the setting the “Off” message shows up until.

– To turn on the StabiliTrak system again repeat steps 1 through 3.

-If any messages appear during the vehicle test-driven repeat this test drive.

When you have completed this test drive if the message does not appear, then at this time your vehicle is not needed service to address this issue. Infrequently this message should come on and will show minor brake pad wear and or minor other problems with the StabiliTrak.

Service Stabilitrak and check engine light

What do stands for the message of Service StabiliTrak?

With the red brake symbol, the Message of Service StabiliTrak shows the problem with the StabiliTrak system. If this message and the red brake symbol come on then your vehicle can lose some of its stability control or all of its stability control capability.

If during driving, the StabiliTrak warning light or red symbol illuminates in such case we suggest seeing your dealer.

What is the possible way to turn off the Service?

Turning off “StabiliTrak” is an easy job but it differs from one car to another. To turn StabiliTrak off in Ford, Chevrolet, and Toyota vehicles we will go through the way. There is no any kind of information present in a Volkswagen on how to turn off StabiliTrak.


With the current generation of Ford vehicles, this is not possible because on all vehicles StabiliTrak is standard. To disable StabiliTrak the only way is to that to replace the computer or take it to a professional.


By entering a secret code into the truck the StabiliTrak can disable in  2009 most Chevrolets. Turn on the engine to do so and on the cluster press the trip odometer reset button. For two to three seconds,  press and hold down the “Info” button. Enter this secret code: “1468”. The “stability is off.” screen will read. You can now turn off the truck and or drive as usual.


From 2007 in all Toyotas, just like you did with Chevrolet vehicles the same you can disable StabiliTrak. There are some steps for the disabling of StabiliTrak in a Toyota vehicle.

– Turning on the truck and begin, press and hold the trip odometer reset’s button.

-Until the screen reads “engine check” you should Keep holding the button. Let’s go to the button of reset at this point.

-Let go of the button of reset at this time

-Until the display reads “stability control off.” for this you need to Press and hold down the button of “Set/Reset”.

-If all these have been done! Then now you have no issues on the road and you can hit the road.


On Volkswagen vehicles the StabiliTrak is standard, this was made after the end of the Ford era ended in 1980, except for some Audi models. Any form of disabling StabiliTrak, Volkswagen does not allow.

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