What does service stabilitrak mean

What does service Stabilitrak mean? What are the causes that lead to the Service Stabilitrak Light To Come On, Symptoms Of Service Stabilitrak, Can Stabilitrak be responsible for stopping a vehicle? difference between stability control and traction control?

What is the meaning of Service StabiliTrak Light, Error Messages, and its causes, and how to fix these issues?

This is a very important function just like the traction control system, which is responsible for your safety during driving particularly on a slippery road. But many people do not know its functions, and what is the meaning of service StabiliTrak light when it comes on automatically from the vehicle’s dashboard.

You should not ignore its appearance as a safety measure of light. Because in this case, your life is a danger if you continue to drive without attention toward it. If you think about the meaning of the StabiliTrak system and how it performs its own work. All such information here is provided.

what does service stabilitrak mean

What do you know about Service Stabilitrak Light and its functions?

This is the electronic stability control system and it looks like the traction control system of a car but it has different functions as compared to the traction control system. The function of a traction control system is to limit the degree of power distributed to the car of different wheels and it ensures that no one  of the wheels spins while the function of Stabilitrak is that enables vehicles  to move in a straight line,  irrespective of what happens against it like an obstacle.

The Stabilitrak system properly works with the help of sensors to determine the position of the car’s steering wheels and tires and compare the direction of the vehicle moving. For example, if you are driving in condition of a slippery road then the car begins to fishtail, in such a case Stabilitrak system is responsible to correct the direction of the vehicle so that it leads  towards the actual path. This is the system of maneuver. Whenever your car enters a place where it   begins to fishtail and it moves towards the left. In such cases the steering wheel and tires are signaling  the right. Then the Stabilitrak  will brake on the car’s  outside front tire to straighten the car back on track.

Sometimes it is best to turn off the stability control and traction control, particularly if you are in a situation where a car is stuck like you are driving on a muddy hill or in a snowstorm. The Stabilitrak reduced power, which can be not good when a car is stuck and helps. In such a situation, your car needs more energy to scale through the obstacle. Service Stabilitrak means and purpose is that the components which are related for proper function of the system are defective and it requires more attention.

What are the causes that lead to the Service Stabilitrak Light To Come On

The car’s steering wheel, brake system, and traction system are involved in the Stabilitrak system and many other challenges outside the areas that are related to functionality may cause the Stabilitrak light to come on. There are several reasons that may cause the Stabilitrak light to come on.

-A faulty position sensor throttle

-The steering wheel position sensor defective

-ABS sensors

-A Defective fuel pump

-Faulty, spark plugs and ignition coils

-AFM(Active Fuel Management)

-A tire pressure monitor sensors

-Brake switch

-A Body control module

-E85 Fuel

These are the main reasons that can cause the service Stabilitrak light to come on. Many people said that the Stabilitrak light of their vehicle comes on if they use E85 fuel when they run the tank dry on the fuel and refill it with gasoline then it automatically disappears. Therefore, they need to pay special attention to fuel indications.

Likewise, a bad fuel pump may not also be responsible for a car’s Stabilitrak light turning on,  but this happens seldom. So you should pay attention and keep an eye on your car’s Stabilitrak light if it comes on and identify its possible causes. Whenever the problem of Stabilitrak comes on in your car, then there are symptoms that exist to present the problem. So you must pay attention to notification of service traction control and Stabilitrak service.

General Symptoms Of Service StabiliTrak

There are many symptoms Of Service Stabilitrak that you can’t ignore if your car has an issue with the service Stabilitrak. Some of the symptoms appear like:

-warning light of a Stabilitrak appears

-Hard shifting

-Power loss or limp mode

These trouble codes randomly appear like that P0121, it is known is Pedal position sensor, second one is P0011, it is known as Camshaft positioning A, third one is P0521, and it is known as Engine oil pressure sensor, fourth is C0561, it is known as ABS disabled. It may be a projection of service Stabilitrak where no codes are displayed.

How can we fix the issue of Service Stabilitrak?

If you observe that the warning light of Stabilitrak of your car is on, then now is the time to pay more attention to this issue and search out what is wrong, as possible to curb the challenge. Because the warning light of Stabilitrak is a sign of a malfunction, now follow these steps to rectify the issue.

1- Step: Pullover

You see  Immediately the Stabilitrak warning light of your car is on, first of all, you need to find a suitable location and pullover.

2- Step: Turn off the engine

After this, to get a suitable place to pull over, you need to turn off your car engine for almost 20 to 30 seconds, now this will ensure that all of the systems may be refreshed.

3-Step: Starting the engine

After the recommended period of time, start the car. In such conditions, the warning light should disappear after doing this. If it again appears then you should consult with a professional auto mechanic so that more carefully diagnose the component that is near to defective, which is related to the Stabilitrak system thereby can project the warning light.

Is it possible to drive if it says service Stabilitrak?

This is the conditional issue. When you are not sure if it’s okay to drive in case of Stabilitrak light on. Then doing this can be okay.  The car loses traction if the Stabilitrak light illuminates. The service Traction Control System is doing well in  engagement. In the absence of traction control, the vehicle is going to slip or circling out on the road, depending on how much grip your steering wheel has. In short, you have to maintain the system in proper working order.

Can Stabilitrak be responsible for stopping a vehicle?

Yes. It can be responsible to stop a vehicle if the system fails in conditions, such as a truck is fishtailing on a slippery road, and in such cases, the system cannot correct the condition. There may be a lack of power for a car to get past the obstruction, and as an outcome, it can stall, and the engine can shut off.

Do you know the difference between stability control and traction control?

Stability control is responsible for reducing the power and it allows braking the wheels  so that the automobile can go in the direction as indicated by the driver. It is very important to take away the vehicle from an incorrect course, particularly while  running on a muddy or snowy road.

The traction control of the car prevents the car’s wheels from spinning at this time. This might be possible if it does not assist the vehicle in the direction pointed out by the driver for returning. Each stability control has some degree of traction control, but not all traction control has some degree of stability. But both of these functions are very important for your safe journey.

Final Words

The message of your car of Service Stabilitrak is a sign of the trustworthiness of Stabilitrak issue. This is a feature of standard safety and it safeguards drivers during slipping wheels. It is also helpful in difficult conditions of roads and provides safety against accidents.


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